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Why to game online: 7 Reasons

Playing games co-operatively, competitively or independently has a multitude of benefits

By Adam Beddall published 24/02/2023

Gaming is not for everyone, and it comes with a bad reputation sometimes. Some people believe that gaming is bad for you and they are right in a way - like everything, moderation is key, and you need to make sure that you practice moderation when you are gaming online in any sense. Playing games online in your spare time is a good way to build some skills and feel like you’re having fun, which is often needed from time to time.

When done responsibly, in moderation, and with careful thought, online gaming can be a fun and exciting pastime. If we are talking about gaming on websites it's important that you get reviews about the website you choose to use. If you choose to go beyond gaming and flutter some cash it's even more important. As an example sites like has a review of Dr Bet so that you can get some insight on the game that you are looking to play before you play it. Understanding why gaming is a great idea means knowing the reasons to go ahead and say yes. So, let’s take a look at seven great reasons to say yes to gaming online.

It gives you a chance to socialize

Gaming online gives you a chance to get to know others and play interactively if you want to. You might also choose to play alone and when you do, you still get a chance to get to know game moderators. You get the chance to connect to players all over the world and play on opposite sides of the planet if you want to!

The chance to make money is very real

You can make a lot of cash with online video games, especially those with a gambling element. Of course, you don't have to gamble properly if you don't want to, but some online games do so for stakes. Competitive gaming is a thing even for games like Tetris. You could play online in Call of Duty and join money tournaments to take home some cash. There are huge Fortnite millionaires out there who take home money every month just playing a game they love!

You can really improve valuable life skills

With online gaming, you can problem solve and become great with your spatial navigation skills and fine motor skills. You also improve your patience and do better with connection and interaction. With online gaming, you become part of something and that in itself is a great reason to get settled in your seat and enjoy. You can improve any anxiety and depressive disorders by gaming and while you improve those life skills, other areas of your life naturally tend to improve, too.

You could improve your eyesight

Did you know that the intense focus that comes with online gaming can really help your vision to improve? There are plenty of studies that show it, just ensure that you are taking regular breaks so that you give your eyes a rest from the intensity of the screen time. 

Online gaming adds to your maturity

You can be a grown adult and have some success with online gaming. When you do this, you can become more mature as a result! You’ll be able to moderate how much time you spend online and eventually feel like you are managing life a little better. Video games can have a positive effect on your wellbeing as a result. When it comes to kids, regulating their time with a timetable is going to ensure that you don't have to worry about this. You can keep your kids in line and that will help you to enjoy gaming with them rather than use it as an escape!

You’ll enjoy time spent online

There are some reports that say that video games encourage violence and reduce empathy. As an adult, you’re able to enjoy time spent online without being affected by things like this. You know your limits and you are going to be able to enjoy playing for fun and nothing else. No one says you’re going to turn into an addict online if you play online games - as long as you regulate and measure your time you’ll be just fine.

It’s great for down time

You should consider that gaming online gives you a chance to get away from the busyness of life. You can work hard and play hard and feel more balanced as a result. You should consider what you get from gaming and then push yourself to play in better leagues and tournaments!