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Darktide latest update adds foldable spades for the spade god

Troublesome twins and new weapon marks in The Traitor Curse Part II

By Adam Beddall published 06/12/2023


Yesterday Fatshark released the second part to The Traitor Curse updates, and this one sends us back to the hectic Carnival map. With some classic Tertium tourism, you will be skirting around (deep breath) Warren 6-19 Habzone HL-70-04 to stop the production of Moebian stimms being used by traitor forces. However, you could interpret this as putting a bunch of pharmaceutical nurgley-workers out of a job – I suppose it’s down to your perspective. I don’t think my Ogryn really cares and is happy to just be there with his friends.

Unlike part one, your stumble through the Carnival may land yourself in an ambush led by The Karnak Twins – Rinda and Rodin – The names of which I find hilarious for Warhammer baddies. These are mini-bosses and will add a bit of extra flavour to the mission.

Anyway over to the meat and potatoes of the update.

New weapon marks

Foldable shovels. Yup, Veteran and Ogryn players will now have access to two new shovels each. When used as a special attack the Veteran sapper shovels fold and reveal a pointy end to land precise strikes which deal damage as they are yanked out. Whereas the Ogryn latrine shovels fold to create a powerful hammer blow. With these special attacks dealing high damage to single targets, it’s not surprising that normal attacks focus on creating horizontal crowd clearing movements.

Chain weapons should now be more viable as weapons as they now have increased damage and the ability to easily cancel out attacks – Making them less risky to use. Players will also find three new chain weapon marks: Orestes Mk XII Assault Chainaxe, Tigrus Mk XV Heavy Eviscerator, and the Cadia Mk XIIIg Assault Chainsword.gaming-darktide-heavy-eviscerator.jpg

Three other marks have been added across the spectrum of weapons with the first being the Agripinaa Mk XIV Quickdraw Stub Revolver. The revolver reloads all bullets at the same time and has a new braced stance for a higher fire rate. The second is the Kantrael Mk X Heavy Laspistol which features higher damage and range. Lastly is the Catachan Mk VI Combat Blade which is for horde control.


Player stimms

Fans of Vermintide rejoice! Potions have returned in the form of ‘stimms’ which grant various temporary boosts based on which you pick up and use. There are four types:

  • Med – Which restores one health segment or 25% max health.
  • Combat – For 15 seconds increases power, armour penetration and rending by 25%. For Psykers this will also reduce peril generation by 33%.
  • Celerity – For 15 seconds increases reload speed by 15%, attack speed by 20%, reduces stamina costs by 25% and sprinting by 50%. It also increases by 25% the charge up time of plasma guns and Psyker brain bursts and staves, Psyker smite propagation, Psyker shard throwing, and Psyker peril quelling.
  • Concentration – For 15 seconds increases the combat ability cooldown regeneration speed by 300% which Fatshark states is four times as fast as usual.


Bug fixes and tweaks

There is a large array of fixes, weapon tweaks and small combat changes that can be found here in the patch notes, but for Veteran players it’s worth noting with this update your talent tree will be reset as it will now take less points to reach the keystones.