Fallout 4

Recommended Mods

By Adam Beddall 09/05/2017

Fallout 4, the post-apocalyptic RPG from 2015 everyone loves. A solid game, but after multiple playthroughs and having to interact with the same-old Piper, it can become repetitive.

Much like Fallout 3, New Vegas, Oblivion and Skyrim. Fallout 4 has an active modding community content with providing free content for all on the Fallout 4 Nexus.

Below are some unique and great mods we have tried and enjoyed. Find their links underneath each mod description.

Unfortunately, we can't test every mod on the Nexus, so if any great mods are missed post their names in the comments!

All credit for the modifications go to the original owners. Keep modding!

Armor Mods

T-49 - Armor of the Storyteller

Designed to be an armor set you can use throughout the entire game, the Armor of the Storyteller is a massively modifiable set that can be obtained from a few locations around Vault 111 (Sean's cot, Red Rocket and just North of Vault 111).

The Storyteller also has two special sub-type mods; Desert Recon and Winter Death. Both add special attributes to the armor, Desert Recon switches from using fusion cores to solar power in the day.

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Relic Space Marine

Within the Glowing Sea, in a ghoul infested shack, highly detailed Space Marine armor can be found sitting alongside a chainsword, force hammer and a power sword.

Some of my favorite Fallout 3 memories came from a Warhammer 40K mod and whilst this mod isn't as large and only contains Space Marine armor, it deserves mentioning because the armor looks fantastic.

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Armorsmith Extended

Unlike some other mods mentioned, Armorsmith makes lots of changes (exactly 12 if you read the mod description), but in a nutshell it will let you wear hats on face armor and outfits under armor.

You will also find clothing mods have been completely revamped and new clothing items in the game (new Dogmeat armor!). For a full description of the mod, follow the link below.

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Chinese Stealth Suit

Borrowing from Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage, this suit looks even better and houses a more comprehensive range of features.

Similar to a Crysis suit, you can leap further and run faster when equipped, but what makes this mod special are the gravitational force expulsion and electromagnetic repulsor field suit mods *phew*.

To save time, this suit can be found on the second floor of the Chinese submarine located to the East of the map.

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CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics

Ever wondered wonder what it would be like to roam the wasteland as Adam Jenson? After building the Cyber Crafting Bench and crafting a few augs, it was the best Deus Ex experience in Fallout yet.

Fun aside, the cybernetic mods offer loads of advanced customisation options and can fit over some armor parts. Definitely worth checking out if you want your character to be part machine.

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The Mercenary - Pack

The multiple outfits that make this pack, are realistic and lore-friendly. The armor certainly makes the Gunners and wasteland NPCs more intimidating, which I always thought enemies in Fallout lacked.

The superbly designed armors can be found on wasteland enemies or alternativly, bought at shops.

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Weapon Mods

Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle

Based on the WWII Russian semi-automatic anti-tank rifle, it can bear a remarkable resemblance. Although after customisation, the weapon can look very alien in comparison to the original, but it will still retain the original purpose - a tank-opener.

During the game the gun can be found on gunner and raider bosses, so it is a high level gun, but if you have the resources you can craft it at a chemistry station. Where you can modify it to shoot armor-piercing, plasma, pulse, incendiary or explosive projectiles.

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The Widow Shotgun

The Widow Shotgun is a seriously detailed unique shotgun that can be found in a celler in Concord. Similarly to other shotguns it can be customised into different varients.

It has a high damage and has a wonderful look.

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CROSS PlasRail

The PlasRail is the most flexible weapon on this list. Customising the weapon opens up the possibility of five very different firing modes. The disc mode was my personal favorite because the projectiles lock onto the enemies once you have sighted them. Although the burst flamer was a close second.

Aside from the firing modes the weapon can be built using the chemistry station, but you will need to be level 28 with a level 3 science perk.

Check out the different firing modes and their supporting gifs on the mod page below.

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Crossbows of the Commonwealth

Raiders hunting the player with crossbows certainly made the mid-game of Fallout 4 more interesting. They are customisable and bring a high damage to fights, although as you would expect they all feature a slow reload.

There is a question of whether crossbows are lore-friendly, but using a crossbow isn't too far fetched for Fallout. I can imagine Brahmin farmers using crossbows to scare critters away from their livestock. Nevertheless the weapons themselves have high quality models and are balanced for gameplay.

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Miscellaneous Mods

Move (Get Out the Way)

A simple mod that forces companions to truly, get out of your way. Cuts the "reaction" time of companion movement when bumping into them and makes them move further away.

Whilst the mod isn't unique and mimicks a mod from Skyrim, we've all got frustrated when Strong and Codworth block a crucial doorway retreat.

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Immersive Vendors

One of my favorite mods, Immersive Vendors drastically overhauls settlement stalls so the traders look to actually be selling wares. Store items are now shown on the stall itself, providing further player immersion aswell as making your town look much better. The products also disappear when the stall is closed.

Immersive Vendors is a simple mod and definitely not a neccessity, but the original stalls were sparse and uninspiring.

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Subway Runner

Subways in the Metro games are close and claustrophobic whereas the Fallout subways are generally larger and not quite a thrilling. This mod doesn't fix that, in fact I'm not sure why I even mentioned Metro or where Fallout falls down, but this mod does something both games do not. A fully connected subway system.

Subway Runner connects 90% of all the subway systems in Fallout 4, which allows the player to traverse large parts of the map underground and provide an immersive experience. I was jubious to begin with, but it does work very well and is companion friendly. The only issue is the enemy spawns, it seems that the tunnels do not spawn enemies correctly after they have been defeated.

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Player Comments

Included with Fallout 4 was a protagonist with a quite big mouth or, perhaps it was not big enough. Player Comments cause the player to make comments on their surroundings and to nearby NPCs. The main bulk of the comments are taunts and player status changes, but there special comments for romantic partners and companions.

It is personal perferance whether the comments make the game more immersive (or fun), but I like to think it mimics the frequent comment moments found in Mass Effect albeit not to the same scale.

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Funny Mods

Darth-Vader Armor with Havok Cloth Physics

Fallout, I find your lack of humor disturbing...Originally created in Skyrim and ported to Fallout 4, Darth Vader's armor is actually well designed and features a full-flowing-cloth!

I know what you are thinking, is this mod a trap? The answer, no as long as you use the console commands to spawn the items (commands found on the mod's description).

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LunchBox Surprise

Walking down the vault corridor, it was quiet after dispatching the squatting enemies. I found a lunchbox and open it nonchalantly, forgetting this mod is enabled. The lunchbox explodes and provides a unintended jump scare.

Without spoiling any surprises, grenades and landmines may be tamer than other items the lunchboxes spawn, but most of the time you will find the same-old useless junk.

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