Total War: Warhammer to receive chaotic Norsca and 30 free regiments of renown

Ferocious tribe Norsca incoming soon with 30 free units on the 10th August

By Adam Beddall 05/08/2017

August 10th

Brace yourself, Norsca is coming. In the barren north monstrous armies under Wulfrik and Throgg's command are manifesting, and will soon march towards the heart of the Old World.

That's right, finally we will be able to play as Norsca and it's coming really soon - August the 10th in fact. If you have pre-ordered the second installment of Total War: Warhammer you've probably already received a free Norsca code already or alternatively, you'll have to buy it as DLC - it sucks, but what can you do?

Who in the warp are Norsca?

Norsca is a collective term used to describe the barbarian human factions that reside in the northern part of the Old World. In all intents and purposes, The Creative Assembly are using Norsca as a two factions for the player to play. One will be led by Wulfrik the Wanderer and the other Throgg (who is a rather large troll).

In descriptive terms, Norsca are a bunch of hairy cruel raiders who are devoted to the chaotic gods. They live in an all-year-round wintery peninsular ripe with chaotic energy and savage monsters. Don't believe me? Watch the video below:

Wulfrik, Throgg?

Although both begin their campaign in different locations, Wulfrik is a human melee barbarian who buffs mammoth units. He also binds fear attributes into this army and reduces marauder upkeep. Throgg is a cunning and intelligent troll, unlike other "normal" trolls. He's a melee specialist, but gives attrition immunity to his troops and strengthens his troll units. Both legendary lords have unique abilities and quests to follow in the grand campaign.

There is more information on these lords and Norsca here.

Unit Roster

What is a new faction without exclusive units? There are a seemingly fantastic selection of units available to use in the armies of Norsca such as; Fimir Warriors (a race of one-eyed combatants), Ice Trolls, Skin Wolves (a mix of werewolf and human flesh) and Frost-Wyrm (think ice dragons). My personal favourite - mostly because of the video below and Oliphaunts in Lord of the Rings, are the War Mammoths:

Find more information on the Norsca roster here.

Regiments of Renown

Norsca probably stole the show, but the 10th August also brings 30 free regiment of renown units, as long as you sign up to Total War Access. The units vary greatly and will be adding to the rosters of these factions; Wood Elves, Beastmen, Bretonnia, Chaos and Norsca. Regiments of Renown are re-textured, re-skinned and sometimes remodelled units that are already present in the game. Each unit will have special attributes or unique abilities, as well as improved stats.

The video below showcases a lot of the best units:

Anything to look out for?

A unit of note for the Wood Elves are the Ironbark Elders. These are Tree Kin who are permanently on fire. That's right, trees, on fire, permanently. Pictured standing next to the Ironbark Elders below, are the Mirror Guard, the retinue of Sigvald. Their armour is mirrored so Sigvald can always gaze upon his fabulous self in battle, but aside from that they are unique and feature very good stats.

To see all the units and find out how to set in motion the process to obtain these units, follow this link to Total War's website.

Are you itching to play as Norsca or gaze into the Mirror Guard?

Let us know below! - Adam Beddall