The Snake clan reaches the shores of Northgard

A shifty clan led by spear maiden Signey - a young but ageing rogue

By Adam Beddall 04/08/2018

Shiro, sticking to their planned roadmap, have recently released Svafnir, The Snake Clan. The Snake Clan joins the plight to seize Northgard in the form of paid DLC. It is relatively cheap, at least in the UK at £3.99, and offers a respectable addition of new features to the game (If you never got chance to check out Northgard, you can here).

One of the most exciting weapons in Svafnirs arsenal, is the ability Scorched Earth. Once Signey reaches age 18 (yeah, your spear maiden will age), Signey can scorch a tile, lowering local production by 50% and increasing The Snake Clans military attack in that tile. It is a powerful ability when used timed properly and has no cost, other than that Signey must be in the centre of the tile.

Other than that The Snake Clan is described as a deceitful Viking faction that prefers fast guerilla warfare, which is probably why Shiro opted to make it impossible for this clan to receive fame. When using this clan, you will not be able to take part in the fame victory. Seek victory elsewhere!

One of what I consider a personal highlight of this clan is the ageing Signey. Immediately starting out with a young Signey helps clear out the pesky wolves that litter your adjacent coastal tile, finally letting you grab that annoying food tile which always seems to have a wolf snacking on. Aside from that, Signey starts the game at age 15 and continues to grow each year to age 18 - improving her statistics and abilities each year (see the graphic below):

Age 15: Signey is named 'The Cunning' and has similar statistics to a warrior.
Age 16: Signey is named 'Pride of the Clan' and gains move speed (20%) and the ability to attack at range.
Age 18: Signey is named 'Tears of the Earth' and gains the ability to walk freely among wildlife (and monsters) - she now can use Scorched Earth.

Apart from the DLC release, Shiro have updated the base game. Skirmishers have been added to the military roster, they are relatively fragile, but like Signey, they can walk among Northgard wildlife. The skirmishers are rather roguish and as such, The Snake Clan buffs skirmishers so that they generate food and happiness providing they stand within tiles that border enemy clans. It's worth keeping an eye on them though, as they are quickly dispatched by enemy clans when they expand their reach into Northgard.

Will you be buying The Snake Clan? What do you think of these new additions?

Post below! - Adam Beddall