Techland's Dying Light to receive 10 free DLC over next 12 months

A sneaky peek at zombie sheek

By Adam Beddall 24/07/2017

500,000 players are still playing Dying Light and there is no doubt it's due to the game developers that don't quit. A further one year support is usually enough to keep a game relevant and fans happy, but Techland are one-upping everyone else by promising that they will be adding 10 pieces of free DLC content to the game over the next 12 months.

No wonder why they boast a high player count, even after the game was released 2+ years ago.

The video below, demonstrated by Tymon Smektala (the leading Dying Light producer) provides a little more detail on the upcoming DLC.

Pretty scarce on details, but he does mention the first DLC content, DLC 0. The first installment of content will be adding new human enemies to the survival horror game. We do catch a glimpse of some kitted-out mercenaries (1:20), who are potentially the new enemies. They look serious, and will no doubt prove a pain for all of us playing Crane (unintentional rhyme). Generally from the video we can probably assume it will be a small DLC, and incidentally is most likely why DLC 0 is labelled "coming soon".

We will surely see more soon and over the next 12 months. When we do, it will be posted here on Project-PC.


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