Sword With Sauce - Adam's Bargain Buy

A fun parkour action shoot-em-up with no specific play-style

By Adam Beddall 25/06/2017
The Important Stuff

Release Date: Still in its alpha stage
What is it? Action hack-and-slash with stealth play-styles
Developed By: Diatomic Games
Published By: Diatomic Games
Single-player: Yes, multiple gamemodes and levels, but no campaign or story
Multiplayer: Not currently
Price: £1.99
Link: Steam

Hiding, I dispatch two figures, carefully making sure I wasn't seen by the wandering patrols. I move around the corner of the mansion and I'm immediately spotted. A flurry of swords and projectiles proceed to head towards me. I wall-run alongside the building and jump behind the low-poly figures, killing three of them with my sword before I'm shot in the back by a well placed shotgun spray. I restart and try again, this time bringing a shield.

What is it though?

Sword with Sauce is a small game with three game modes; ninja, survivor and normal. In normal mode you spawn on an opportunity driven map, your only objective to kill all of the entities in the map. With no specific play-style, you can tailor the game to how you want to play. Sometimes I go stealthy, other times I go crazy with a shotgun. It really is very simple. Although, there is room for more advanced killing if you follow an Inspector Gadget play-style.

Before the game begins, you can choose from a selection of gadgets. X-ray vision, drones, gas bombs, black hole devices and exploding crabs are my favourites. They really are fun and create interesting scenarios when rapidly changing between them all. It is also possible to wipe out all hostiles on the map just by using the gadgets.

It is hard to define the purpose of Sword with Sauce, but I think it is just a stress reliever. When you get back from bad day at work, sometimes you just need to zone-out and explode some 3D stick men.


Alongside the gadgets, there are a selection of weapons. Whilst relatively small for now, they are all unique to each other. When carefully chosen, you can create exciting combinations. The shield (personal favourite) blocks bullets and can be thrown as a silent weapon, sometimes taking down more than one enemy. Swords are also a lethal melee and projectile weapon too. When playing, I would throw swords and shields to stop shotgun units from getting too close, but then use their shotguns to destroy melee units. Hopefully more will be added during the development phase, perhaps with new enemies too.

The satisfaction

There really are some great moments to be had in Sword With Sauce, providing you are clever enough to create them. Resourcefulness is key, bouncing your shield against multiple enemies at a time (like Captain America), throwing swords and catching weapons in mid-air can create combinations that are as flowing and as deadly. However they can be difficult to pull off. Nine times out of ten, slicing an enemy with a sword whilst wall-running alongside a cargo container will fail miserably, if you haven't practiced enough.


Sword With Sauce isn't the best looking game, but it does use the Unreal 4 Engine. I haven't suffered any performance issues when playing. The game settings were automatically set to the highest when using a Nvidia GTX 970 (4gb).

Where to improve?

Games such as this benefit hugely from the Steam Workshop. Letting users create custom maps and gamemodes will ensure that re-playability is high and keeps players returning. Fortunately, the developer is listening to the player base and would like to implement user creation and coop or multiplayer in the future.

Why is it a bargain?

It is £1.99 on Steam which certainly hits the pound-to-hour ratio we at Project PC like to see.

Early Access Star Emblem

What are your thoughts?

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