Star Wars: Battlefront II Gameplay Revealed

Clones, CIS, Darth Maul and sectors that are not clear

By Adam Beddall 16/06/2017
The Important Stuff

Release Date: 17th November 2017
What is it? Action shooter within the Star Wars universe. Features locations, characters and weapons from the lore and films.
Developed By: DICE
Published By: EA
Single-player: Empire campaign and skirmishes
Multiplayer: Yes

Gameplay Trailer

What did we see?

We saw evidence that the game's content will span across the entire Star Wars universe. This means locations from each movie, characters from all time lines and the inclusion of Clones, CIS and the First Order.

Being more specific we saw; Darth Maul, Rey, Super Battle Droids, AT-RTs, serious droid vehicles whose names escape me, Kylo Ren and space battles.

We also saw the return of great visuals and sound effects (did you hear the original voice actor that voiced the clones?).

Towards the end we were given a glimpse of the campaign in action and possibly a cut scene of some tasty frigate-on-frigate warfare. Here's hoping for a return of massive space battles...

What do we think we saw?

Larger Battles?

At 0:22 you could believe that battles may be larger and whilst it is impossible to clarify, there did seem to be a lot of units on-screen. It's possible this is just because to make the trailer more exciting, but larger battles could make the game more fun.

You may argue that more units would make the gameplay worse because more online players means more lag, more frustration and "too much going on". This may not be the case, more units could mean AI in specific online battles, larger maps or just more involving skirmish modes. All of which sound good to us.

Space battles

Unconfirmed, but you can see the Millennium Falcon navigating asteroids whilst engaged in a Tie Fighter dogfight.

Non-original trilogy film locations

Theed (Naboo) and Kashyyyk featured throughout the video. Despite not being new to the latest Battlefront games, they did feature in the previous installment.

Yoda fighting Darth Maul?

Definitely not in the films and probably not in the lore either. Hopefully this means there will be flexibility when it hero-on-hero battles and possibly a return on the large hero assault modes that featured in the original Battlefront series.

Anything to worry about?

The previous Battlefront didn't win everybody's hearts. Players were split between how deep the game was, no campaign and single-player at launch was a massive turn off for some. You can understand why too, the original series had fantastic single-player and multi-player despite being released 13 years ago.

We are still hopeful of a deep meaningful campaign that will provide solid views on the Empire. Exploring the true and dark nature of the Empire. A massive improvement to single-player and multi-player options would also please many; more gamemodes and maps, better AI, larger battles and exciting classes should add more depth to the sometimes repetitive gameplay.

What did you think of the trailer?

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