Star Citizen's procedural planets on display in latest footage

Planets, moons, holographic UI and combat take downs.

By Adam Beddall 09/07/2017

Around the verse is a series created by Star Citizen developers, generally the videos show what is being currently worked on. The latest episode focuses on planets, specifically how they are crafted. It's quite a long video, but during the footage you can see glimpses of planet structure and terrain generation. There are also company outposts dotted throughout, which could make for interesting exploration.

At 24:18 the video shows a scale of the demonstration moon. The zoom out shows just exactly how much planet there really is to explore.

The WIP planets may leave much to be desired, but they do show a lot of potential. It is easy to see that they provide a strong template for procedural planet creation. Hopefully within the net few months we will hear more about the content that can be found when visiting the planets or perhaps how planets can be used in space warfare? - That would be awesome.

Anything else other than planets?

It looks like the developers have been very busy since the last video in the series. Moving away from planets, there has been a focus on graphical and animation improvements. Towards the beginning of the video, improved combat take downs are demonstrated along with the hint of procedural cities on planets. Particle, turbulence, lighting and anti-aliasing systems have been revamped as well as the addition of a swish holographic player UI, which can be used for real-time player communications and other functions.

Star Citizen Planet

Any Thoughts on Star Citizen's development?

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