Shadows over Bogenhafen releasing for Vermintide 2 August 28th

Details will be revealed soon, but expect it to be Nurglely

By Adam Beddall 19/08/2018

Almost 5 months have passed since the release of Vermintide 2 and this week marks its first DLC announcement, Shadows over Bogenhafen.

Bogenhafen, is a city that resides on the River Bogen, Empire land for those who aren't sure. The commercial city itself, provides an excellent distribution network for trading goods and is run by the merchant elite. However, if we go off the tid-bits Fatshark fed us, Bogenhafen is a city "where the Heroes will be tested like never before by Grandfather Nurgle's unpleasant attentions" - sounding all a little chaotic to me. I would certainly expect to see a city set on fire by the chaotic vermintide, with perhaps a big Nurgle boss at the end!

If you're interested, you can check out the announcement video below:

There's not too much to see from the trailer, other than large amounts of green...and celebratory fireworks? Within the next week I would expect to see more information released so we can all decide whether to put our cash down for it. This article will be updated as more information is rolled out.

How much rot can a Rotblood rot if a Rotblood is rotten and rotting?

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