Shiro Games release the Bear Clan in the latest Northgard update

Latest faction to Northgard shores has an armoured bear!

By Adam Beddall 04/08/2017

July 24th brought forth major update 0.2.5526 and a long with it, the Bear Clan. Northguardians all over Northgard rejoiced to the sound of a new clan, especially one that has the option to deploy an armoured bear. More on the furry beast later.

The Bear Clan buffs

The Clan of the Bear is the fifth clan to be introduced to Northgard shores and it does well to set itself away from the others. The Bear Clan is a defensive tribe, priding themselves on high resistance and winter buffs. During the winter 20% more food is produced than other clans and military units receive a 10% military resistance buff, whereas rather than a 30% loss.

Once researched, fisherman huts will allow an extra worker, military camps provide +1 happiness and clan members (in friendly territory) heal themselves.

Two new and exclusive units have been created for the Bear Clan; the Shield Maiden and the Armoured Bear, both of which provide a 15% buff to local production once the player reaches high enough fame. The second tier of fame rewards +5 fame per enemy unit killed, so long as the Shield Maiden is within the local area.

Shield Maiden

The defensive replacement of the Warchief. The Shield Maiden doesn't quite hit as hard as the Warchief, but she can sure take a punch thanks to her higher defence rating. She becomes more useful late game too, providing a 15% local production bonus as long as the knowledge has been found.

I found the Shield Maiden is most effective when used as a punch-bag, whilst axe throwers and warriors attack enemy units on flanks.

Armoured Bear

The bear is another defensive unit, but unlike the Shield Maiden the bear is available extremely early. Once produced from the training camp the Armoured Bear can make short work of werewolves that always seem to be protecting the most valuable resources.

Pretty cheap at 50 food, the bear is a unit you want to acquire immediately, to secure the nearby territories during the early game and to also provide moral support to your pet loving tendencies.

Similarly to the Shield Maiden, this unit has very a high defence rating.

Other changes

Whilst the Bear Clan certainly steals the show, the update also patches the older clans; Wolf and Goat. All of changes can be found here on Steam.

Note the difficulty increase for the AI factions:

"Following our previous patch and your feedback (THANK YOU SO MUCH), we made many improvements to AI which should now prove to be a much stronger opponent - especially in Hard mode."


What do you think of the Bear Clan?

Post below! - Adam Beddall