New Hot Wheels cars coming to Rocket League Sept 24th

Free arena and Hot Wheels customisation items to feature alongside DLC

By Adam Beddall 17/09/2018


Yes that's right, you think you've seen this before? You're correct, mostly. Almost two years ago Psyonix released Hot Wheels cars, Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III. Similarly on the 24th, the Triple Threat DLC will provide three new Hot Wheels options for players to choose from, the Gazella GT™, MR11, and Fast 4WD (check the images above). However for those who won't be buying the DLC, the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary update will bring forth a new Hot Wheels arena and some themed items for customisation.

You can check out the trailer below and visit the livestream here on the 23rd September at 11PM in the UK (if you don't fancy sleepin') or 3:00 pm PT/6:00 pm ET for you Americans.

Triple Threat

Forgetting the trailer's exhibitionist aerial goals, the new arena looks pretty interesting, seemingly taking inspiration from racing stadiums and events. I particularly like the firey spikes behind goal, but it would've been exciting to see a shake-up with the shape or colour of the arena, red grass anyone? However, the shape makes sense if it is to feature in ranked matches.

Phew, I feel like there was a lot of Hot Wheels in this article.

Hot or not?

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