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CA announce exciting Vampire Coast DLC for Total War Warhammer

Have you seen the giant crabs yet?!

By Adam Beddall 04/10/2018

Setting sail November 8th

Earlier this week The Creative Assembly posted a rather piratey note on social media, hinting that a new undead faction may be hitting the shores of the New World. Flash forward to today, we now have a seriously cool announcement trailer for the Vampire Coast - an undead pirate race led by Luthor Harken! Honestly, just watch the trailer below to see humongous crabs gobbling up the poor Empire soldiers.

The paid DLC will be coming to Steam on the 8th November, and with it players will be able to choose from four legendary lords, use a new lore of magic (lore of the deep) and play with various new units and mechanics. The Vampire Coast will not take part in the Vortex battle, but can be played in that campaign as well as in Mortal Empires. Along with the DLC, all players will now have a choice to fight sea battles, but hold on there partner, not on ships... Sea battles will now have two options, auto-resolve or land-fight on a nearby island. A bit disappointing really, but The Creative Assembly do not have the license for Warhammer sea battles and apparently any plans to build a sea fighting system.

Coast through this background

The Vampire Coast faction sits tightly on the Tarantula Coast, the eastern reach of the Great Ocean and very close to the Lizardmen jungles. In the game the faction will be led by Luthor Harken, a mad vampire who was transported to the New World in a coffin aboard an Imperial trade ship. The Imperial trade ship was was raided by a Norse longship which shortly after washed upon the shores of Lustria. However, the crew that drowned or starved rose again as undead through Luthors dark magic. Luthor then pushed into the jungle savaging Lizardman cities, stealing artifacts and gold. Eventually he was defeated and then took to the seas shortly before returning to take vengence on the Lizardmen.

Luthor sounds like quite the undead hell razer doesn't he?

Did you see the Necroflex - The giant figure with the revolving hand-cannon?

It looks like we are going to see some massive units, including some sort of a Kraken. However, I have a feeling this will be reduced to some sort of ability (which is probably fair), maybe causing fear or buffing Vampire units. Either way I cannot wait to field cockley pirates with cannon-hands and spend most my time searching for treasure. As I have no doubt treasure searching will be a huge mechanic for Vamprie Coast, especially since treasure hunts are already in the game.

Will you be handing over your treasure for this DLC?

Post below! - Adam Beddall