Early Access Stars

Northgard Image


Northgard, a strategy game based on Norse mythology. The player controls a clan of Vikings who have discovered a new land. With options to explore, conquer and trade, is this the Settlers we have been waiting for?

Early Access Blackholes

Sword With Sauce Image

Sword With Sauce

Sword With Sauce was a fun parkour action shoot-em-up that offered lots of variety in a gory and violent sandbox setting. Unfortunately during its alpha phase, development ceased and the game was abandoned. Despite it being a great stress reliever, Sword With Sauce can no longer be recommended and consequently has been sent to the Early Access Blackhole.

BlackWake Image


Avast landlubbers! It's hard to name a naval multiplayer game, let alone a handful. Fortunately, Blackwake is capitalising on that void. Blackwake pits teams of pirates (players) against each other in various game modes. Steel, guns and teamwork will be your aid for boarding enemy ships...savvy?

Astroneer Image


Set during the 25th century gold rush, players must explore harsh planets obtaining resources with the hope of becoming rich. Featuring 4 player online/co-op and the ability to create vehicles on procedurally generated planets, the plans for Astroneer are "sky high".

Everspace Image


A beautiful action space shooter. From your spaceship, you will take part in deadly missions and meet characters who help you learn about your existence. You will die a lot in Everspace, but blasting apart enemy ships is great fun and visually stunning. There are lots of customisation options and mini features to take part in if the dog fights get too much.